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Monday, January 17, 2011

Memories from Panama





On December, 2010. I was invited to Panama to give some courses at Isthmus College of Architecture and design. It was my first time on Panama City and I was quite awed by the many contrasts I found while exploring this city. These photos present some of the economical, cultural, social and ecological facets I found on Panama.

1) A group of indigenous women sell crafts and weavings to the tourists at the old town. 
2) A clock inside a giant business center at Punta Paitilla.
3) Reconstruction and maintenance of old buildings at the old section of Panama.
4) Reflection at Vía Argentina.
5) The ever present air conditioners.
6) I think this is called, or trying to imitate, the "Turning Torso" (I  may be wrong).
7) The "Turning Torso" through a wet taxi window.
8) A bird with a hurt leg landed near my window at Clayton (Ex-military base)
9) A view of the New Panama from Old Panama.
10) A seller of tapestries covers himself while having lunch, at Old Town Panama.
11) A chinese container ship crosses the Panama Canal.
12) Reconstruction of Old Panama.
13) Some people protest against the modernization and privatization of Panama´s patrimony.
14) At Clayton, a neighboring colony of red ants build an impressive highway for food transportation.
15) Containers seen from Cerro Ancón.
16) An old administrative building from where the Canal used to be managed. 

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