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Sunday, June 30, 2013

TOKYO 2013: The Nature Study Institute and Park

Previously on my life: I got an Internship for the summer at TBS. They flew me to Japan to animate two projects, this is where I am right now...

Of all the things that have amazed me about Tokyo, public parks and green areas have been by far the most unexpected. With such a urban density and a well deserved reputation for narrow living spaces, it was a big surprise to see how generous these spaces are.

A fraction of the people at Shibuya
Real state companies offer apts of less than 10 mts.

Today, as I was trying to avoid the crowded tourist spots and shopping districts, I ended at The Institute for nature study. A hidden oasis in the middle of the special ward of Minato where you can inmerse yourself in this bittersweet memory of what Tokyo used to be. 

The Special Ward of Minato hosts this marvelous place. 

The institute has a limited daily access to avoid the stomping crowds that are so common in many other areas of the city. Thanks to this measure, what prevails is silence that allows you to enjoy the setting with no rush.

For 300 yen (About the price of a medium coffee) you can get access to this.
(The quality of some photos may be bad since they were all taken with an Iphone)


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