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Friday, May 20, 2011



This is the cover I did for PROYECTO DISEÑO MAGAZINE #72 XIV LAPIZ DE ACERO (steel pencil) AWARD NOMINEES Edition.

This is a simple story. I was asked to do a cover with the only condition that I should include the "Lapiz de Acero" statuette in the image. I did four proposals for this cover.

1. War of the worlds 2.Space Oddysey
3. Steampunk 4. The window.

For some people it may be kind of obvious that most images come from some specific references. I have a lot of baggage in my head.

Fortunately my friend (and sometimes mentor) Andres Barrientos, one of Colombia's best illustrators, gave me some advice on the management of cliches in the image. So, I subverted the meaning of the images. Woman building robot, turned into Robot building human. Giving life with the afore mentioned Statuette.

I worked mostly on lights and transparencies. Not so much on textures. I gave it an over all shadow that turned it a bit "baroque" at the end.

Here are some shots of the PROYECTO DISEÑO stand at the FERIA DEL LIBRO BOGOTÁ 2011.

And a shot of the inside article they did about my work

And now, it's been featured in SUPER PUNCH :D

Really nice.
Thanks for reading.

(Thanks to Paula, Juan Felipe, Adriana, Santiago, Javier, Another Santiago and Andres, Willy, Gustavo, Emiliana, Camila, Blanca) who took the time to give me their opinion.