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Monday, October 26, 2009


So, I think me and my friends may be doing something right.

First of all, my friend Santiago Rocha won the first place for best short film on with his movie EL MONSTRUO

el monstruo from santiago rocha on Vimeo.

Then, today, our internet show "El pequeño tirano" got mentioned on one of Colombia´s main newspapers.

Posted on their webpage being the most voted and commented video on their list.

and talked about it on a radio show of the first radio station of Colombia.

It turned out to be a great monday.

Let´s hope we can keep it up.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

We're kinda back!!!!

So, I´m back from my month long trip to Spain where I was Invited to be jury for the International festival of animation, Animadrid.

I came back to find that my two best friends and colleagues had put in motion the development of a new episode of our online series: EL PEQUEÑO TIRANO (the little tyrant). As we´ve been developing some episodes for a long time but haven´t been able to release them for many reasons this was a great welcoming gift.

I had a very tangential participation on this episode. I drew and animated the header of the show and the title image.

This image is a parody on the cover of Dostoevsky´s book, Notes from Underground (Memorias del subsuelo).

I hope this will get us back on track and producing episodes.

Also to celebrate, I release this Wallpaper