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Monday, July 5, 2010


 Imaginary Poster Project #001: Soldiers of the Cross

Imaginary Poster Project consists in creating the posters of movies I've never seen, just by reading the synopsis and taglines from the IMDB. (it's mostly a training exercise in visual narration, design, composition and font design) ORIGINAL SIZE

The first one is a piece of early gore:

1.Soldiers of the Cross (1900)

The plot outlined the story of the early Christian martyrs with a compendium of horrors guaranteed to jolt audiences into an awareness of terrible suffering for the sake of Christianity. Contained maulings at the Colosseum, crucifixions, beheadings, savage hackings and burnings at the stake, burnings in the limepit, the spectacle of human torches in Nero's garden. Overall "soul stirring stories of the martyrs, illustrated by the most beautiful living pictures by kinematograph and limelight and never before witnessed in this or any other country.

Directed by;
Herbert Booth /Joseph Perry
Beatrice Day, Harold Graham, and Orrie Perry and Reg Perry as the Lion.
Australia 1900

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