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Saturday, June 12, 2010


The following are some illustrations made for a flip chart commisioned by the PAHO (Pan American Health organization) in alliance with the WHO, UNICEF, RED CROSS, RED HALF MOON and ISDR, European Commission for humanitarian help.

It centers in Hospital security as the base for preventing disasters.
Ideas and texts by Gustavo Wilches-Chaux (My father)

Rotafolio Seguridad Hospitalaria:  Portada
1.Cover: Safe hospitals in the face of disasters.

Rotafolio Seguridad Hospitalaria:  Cerditos
2. Three Little Pigs: A safe and resistant health center, benefits all.

Rotafolio Seguridad Hospitalaria:  Motocicleta
3. Motorcycle: There are investments where you should not save money.
Safety on health facilities is one of them. A Safe hospital, a right for all.

Rotafolio Seguridad Hospitalaria:  Arca de Noe
4. A safe health facility, helps us deal with any disaster.
- Permanent maintenance - Trained personnel - Responsible users
- Structural reinforcement - Risk management plan - Equipment

Rotafolio Seguridad Hospitalaria: Tamaños
5. Size doesn't matter. Health facilities come in many sizes. But all must be equally safe.

Rotafolio Seguridad Hospitalaria: Techo
6. No Worries. If this was our roof, any rain shower would by a cause for concern.
If these were our health services. What should worry us? How can we remove this worry?

Rotafolio Seguridad Hospitalaria:  Rayuela

In the middle of developing this flip book. Haiti was struck by an earthquake causing one of the biggest disasters of 2009. Mainly because poverty and corruption had affected most of the country's hospital integrity. Many of the third world countries don't count with secure health installations to face disasters.

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