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Saturday, October 24, 2009

We're kinda back!!!!

So, I´m back from my month long trip to Spain where I was Invited to be jury for the International festival of animation, Animadrid.

I came back to find that my two best friends and colleagues had put in motion the development of a new episode of our online series: EL PEQUEÑO TIRANO (the little tyrant). As we´ve been developing some episodes for a long time but haven´t been able to release them for many reasons this was a great welcoming gift.

I had a very tangential participation on this episode. I drew and animated the header of the show and the title image.

This image is a parody on the cover of Dostoevsky´s book, Notes from Underground (Memorias del subsuelo).

I hope this will get us back on track and producing episodes.

Also to celebrate, I release this Wallpaper


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